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References and Testimonials

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Kathy, thank you for being one of the most conscientious, communicative and consistent vendors we have in our database. We appreciate you always letting us know your status, both on specific projects, and regarding your general availability in a timely fashion. We can always count on your projects to be accurate and your deliveries punctual. Your ability to Winalign in FIGS (French, German, Italian, Spanish) saves us a great deal of time on large projects. I appreciate how candid you are, letting us know if we mistakenly offer you something that you know is outside of your expertise, this honesty is highly valued. And last but not least, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. Few are as upbeat and positive as you; you are great work with.

Michelle Alger, ForeignExchange Translations in Colorado, USA


Kathy arbeitet seit vielen Jahren als Übersetzerin für uns. Wir schätzen die sehr gute Qualität ihrer Übersetzungen, die kurzen Bearbeitungszeiten, ihre Kommunikationsstärke und Flexibilität. Sie beherrscht verschiedene Fachgebiete und Tools. Mit ihrer großen Erfahrung und positiven Einstellung ist sie eine der bevorzugten Lieferantinnen. Dank ihrer Zuverlässigkeit sind Projekte bei ihr in guten Händen.

Wir werden auch in Zukunft gerne mit Kathy zusammen arbeiten.

Peter Gasser, Delta International CITS GmbH in Bonn, Germany


We have been enjoying a very good working relationship with Kathy since 2003. We esteem her as a highly reliable and technically well-versed translator. She possesses an in-depth knowledge of many fields and manages to transfer the tone of the German source texts into English very well. Thus we especially entrust her with financial texts, contracts, marketing and tourism publications, as well as PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics. She has always shown a keen interest in researching into new fields and specialist topics. The fact that she lives abroad and frequently manages to fit in projects at short notice has often given us an advantage regarding tight deadlines. And we value Kathy’s professionalism when delivering a translation directly to a client. To put it short, we don't really want to praise her too much lest she be less available to us in the future!

Ulrike Schemann, Eloquia GmbH in Frankfurt/Main, Germany





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